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toolTechnical support ...

... if it doesn`t run as it should do!


Our products are designed for a long workshop life and engeered with state of the art construction- and assembly methods. Thus we are in the situation to grant a 24 month warranty on our products (exept wear out parts like bladder, teflon, etc.).

If nevertheless something something should go out of order we offer a quick technical support at the phone. 90% of the required spare parts can be shipped same day by parcel service or with our carrier. Thereby we can often supply spare parts or alternative solution for older units beyond the usual 10 years.

If a remote diagnosis is not possible or if the fault cannot be fixed by a simple replacement of parts, we offer a technical onsite service graded by urgency. Information for our long distance customers: We have local partners in many countries accross the world which are hosting most popular spare parts and can offer a local technical service.


You can contact us for Technical support either by phone or the contact form of this website



+49 201 6462284                Contact form



Important: To proceed your request as fast as possible we ask you to have the following information available:

  • Type of the machine / Description

  • Year of manufacture

  • A short description of the malfunction