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ASSISTANT Plaster Shape support

The reasonable compleation of your casting technique
The flexible system for all purpose, flexible - expandable - fair priced


ASSISTANT is a plaster aid with many faces. Altered with few manipulations making the work more precise to the plaster cast technique and helps in almost ranges. It gives the patient and the specialist safety through the different supporting and fixing elements.

The Basic-unit with inclinable treadle, Knee-Support with adjustable elevation, upholstered and furnished, with armrests adjustable in 3 layers, finds its use in the case of all plaster works at the torso. in particular at Scoliosis casts.

By use of the additional elements, variations and combinations many helpful configurations are available. From the extension and fixation and an adjustable seat-shape-unit up to support-units for knee- and hip-exarticulations

A Scoliosis-unit allows to put and hold the patient in a correct casting position. 9 fixation- and correction-elements guarantee perfect results. The „de-Torsion-setting“ is visualized by use of the mirror-unit.


08-100ff ASSISTANT



ASSISTANT-System, most popular configuration:


08-100 Basic-unit Assistant-System
08-110 Knee-rest Assistant-System
08-115 Foot-plate Assistant-System
08-120 Extension-frame (with mounting parts)
08-121 Skoliosis-unit
08-122 mirrow-unit Assistant-System
08-135 Seat / stand support (with mounting parts)


08-100 ASSISTANT Grundgeraet


The picture at the left show the basic-unit with knee-rest and foot-plate

08-100 ASSISTANT Extension



The picture on the left shows upgrade options for the „classical extension“ with simultaneous stabilization of the patient by use of adjustable hand-rests. 


Available options:

Article No. Description

08-100 Basic-unit Assistant-System
08-110 Knee-rest Assistant-System
08-115 Foot-plate Assistant-System
08-120 Extensions-frame (with fixing parts)
08-121 Scoliosis-unit Assistant-System
08-122 Mirror-unit Assistant-System
08-125 Head strap with frame Assistant-System
08-130 Block and tackle Assistant-System
08-135 Seat- / stand-support (with fixing parts)
08-140 Knee-exarticulation load-unit Assistant-System
08-145 Hip-exarticulation load-unit Assistant-System