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In more than 35 years Witzel VACURESS e.K. has become one of the leading manufacturer of vacuum- and heating-technologie for the O&P field and Orthopedic shoemaker business. Today our products are distributed by local partners across all continents of the world.


First draft of a 
(Peter Witzel, ca. 1978)VACUPRESS 850 Skizze


In the beginning there has been a custom made prototype of a vacuum-press for own purpose. It had to have a large working area, had to have an improved techno-logy and of course it had to be available at a fair price. With building the prototype in 1970, which worked faultless for 8 years, this small story would have found its end - if my father, Peter Witzel, wouldn´t have been asked to report his experiences in vacuum-technology at an O&P training course in 1977. He agreed to present his experiences, but thought about how useful it would be if there was no suitable machine to recommend for this technique. Suitable means nothing than a machine which has been large enough and not too expensive to start with the vacuum-technology. Thus the idea was born to provide vacuum-technology to a larger number of small and mid-sized workshops.



The company Peter WITZEL VACUPRESS Apparatebau has been founded in 1978. With this start up my father has been able to present two types of vacuum-presses at the „ORTHOPÄDIE und REHA-TECHNIK 1979“ trade show in Nürnberg. VACUPRESS 450 and VACUPRESS 850 showed up a completely new concept. The simultaneous availability of vacuum and compressed air, vacuum-automatic and timer controlled Infrared-heating among others have been the features which founded the successful story of VACUPRESS from the beginning.



Peter Witzel 1978Peter Witzel with one of his 
the first generation, ca. 1979

 Today „Witzel VACUPRESS“ is worldwide represented and known in the O&P and orthopaedic shoe technique field as a name for innovative technologies - „from experience - to practice“. Many of the features described above can still be found in our units today.  Other developments, like the patented UNILOCK material clamping system or the optical temperature measurement system have been added within the last 30 years and are established as „state of the art“ in the market. 

06-500 PO1200 Pre-Preg-OfenPO1200 Pre-Preg Oven
of the latest generation with
SPS control and Touch Screen, 
model year 2013


Other product fields like the Infrare-ovens have been since the last ten years and we have been able to set new standards in technology and usability. Today WITZEL VACUPRESS provides the largest range of special VACUUM-EQUIPMENT and OVENS for the O&P and other fields.

In the beginning there has been a concept. Out of this concept the company WITZEL VACUPRESS is accrued, today family owned in the second generation. Apparently my fathers concept has been right and is still our guideline, even in modern high-tech development and production times.

But all this success wouldn´t have been possible without you, our worldwide customers, who trusted us for more than 30 years. We feel especially obliged and we will do everything to keep on being an observant partner on your side.



Hendrik Witzel