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07-131XTR IR1301XTR-Infrarot-Ofen TO TUD

07-131XTR IR1301XTR-Infrarot-Ofen SWX TO TUD

07-131XTR IR1301XTR-Infrarot-Ofen SWX TO TUDInfrared-Oven IR1302 XTR

Infrared-Oven for the O&P field
Section Orthotics & Prothesis

The IR1302 XTR is a version of the successfull IR1302. The new IR1302 XTR offers the same features as the standard IR1302 plus an extended heating area of 50cm more depth. Thus the usable area has been increased to 124 x 154 cm and closes the gap between IR1302 and IR2102 DUAL. Please refer to the IR1302 product brochure to learn more about the innovative features of the Witzel Infrared-oven line.

The IR1302 XTR is of course equipped with the features of the innovative optical temeprature measuring system. The entire control of the offer is 100% identic with the standard IR1302.

The components of the new WITZEL SPS control with 3,5" Touch panel  

  • Easy operation by central Touch panel
  • Precise thermostat control by measuring the material temperature
  • Direct SET temperature input
  • Timer feature
  • Ramp feature for slow heating processes (Pre-Preg processing)
  • User-defined heating process memory
  • Graphic trend visualization for heating process control
  • Optimized heat insulation of the oven housing
  • Sustainable by software updates
  • Space saving sliding door for all ovens with Roll-about tray

Never burn your plastics again!

Infrared-heat is radiation-heat which heats materials and not air. The ingenious optical temperature control system of our Witzel Infrared-ovens gives you the absolute control over the surface temperature of the material - and that´s what is important!

The innovative Witzel Infrared-ovens are equipped with an optical temperature-feeler. Thus we have been able to combine the enormous heating-power and -speed of the infrared-tubes with a reliable temperature control. Due to the measuring of the material´s surface temperature (and not the inside air temperature) the full performance of the IR-tubes can be used.

The result is an oven which is instant on, which needs no preheating time and does not overheat and burn materials. Caused by this “ON DEMAND” use the energy consumption is drastically reduced. Usual pre-heating times of up to one hour are definitely a thing of the past!

„Instant on“ unit - less energy consumption!
Heat on demand - no preheating necessary!



                                                                               Infrared-Oven + Pre-Preg Accessories

                                                                               BMP Baumeister Pre-Preg kit

Technical Data: IR1302 XTR

Article No.: 07-132XTR
Type: IR1302 XTR - Infrared Oven for the O&P field, including movable Roll-about tray
Footprint: approx. 2,4m² / oven housing movable on casters
Dimensions: Outside: W 1595mm - D 1770mm - H 1400mm,  Total height with door opened: 1850mm / Inside:    W 1300mm - D 1590mm - H 500mm
Roll-about tray: Independent, 4 locking casters, locking gas shock lift adjustment - locks at any height, Single-hand operation, effective heating area: W 1245 x D 1545 mm, Lift range:  820mm  -  1050mm
Power supply: 400V / 50/60Hz / 3 Phase / (32 Amp. CEE) / total capacity 11,1 kW, (other voltages available) 
Heating: 24 Infrared-Quartz-tubes with reflector, Dual zone switching (6/24)
Temperature control: opto-elektronic IR-measuring unit, Measuring of the material´s surface temperature!
Temperature control: Digital PID-Controller, infinitely adjustable from 30°C to 250°C (display in °F available). SPS controller with 3,5“ Touch panel, showing SET and CURRENT temperature, timer- and Heating-ramp feature, multi language user interface, software updates available via USB port
Door mechanism: space saving vertical movement, gas shock (2x) assisted, ball bearing guided,  Double-pane viewing window
Illumination: 4 x 25 watts
Farbe: Inside Stainless steel, Outside structural effect paint, blue/lightgrey RAL 5017/7035.
Weight: net:  360 kgs / gross: 466 kgs (including crate)
Available Options: Pre-Preg Option (3/4" duct for Vacuum-hose) (Art. No. 07-135), One-fits-all stand for Blister-Forming tray ,  (width adjustable) (Art. No. 07-131), Blister-Forming tray 360mm (Art. No. 07-132)